Year of Yes 2019

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst #GetArmed2019

We’re teaming up with Reese Evans of @yessuply to help you create the vision for the life you want by showing you how to harness your own power to manifest the tools to make it a reality!

Live your best life. Keep those promises and reach those goals. Join us January 23rd for a 3 hour immersive speaker night with breakout sessions to activate all your 2019 goals. 

Spend the evening with like minded individuals with some drinks and snacks and the chance to win a gift of Armed Jewelry valued at $250!

  • how to create goals that stick, and align to your true passion and purpose in this life‍
  • How to visualize your upcoming goal and create a metaphysical blueprint (that your reality will later print out)
  • How to identify and pinpoint stories you are telling yourself that are holding you back from reaching your peak potential
  • You’ll harness your own energy to identify your limiting beliefs, and then delete and un-write those debilitating stories one-by-one
  • We will use NLP and Emotional Freedom Techniques so you’re armed with tools that will help you overcome any fear, doubt, or self-sabotaging behaviours so you have your subconscious mind working for you to help say YES to yourself and your dreams on autopilot.

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