The Process || REINE

With our Valentines day collection in full tilt we wanted to share with you the ins and outs of our REINE || Avec Amour rings. Since this is the start of our very official fine jewelry collection what could be more special then knowing how your ring came to be.

Every great idea at ARMED starts with a personal desire that leads to a passion in fulfillment. I always felt a bit of a disconnect with traditional promise rings, but beyond that I always felt like other important dates and numbers needed further jewelry representation. I grew up always yearning for a gothic looking initial ring, but (sigh) I was never gifted such a signet so I decided to rework my past wants and current desires.

I love the idea of stacking rings so I wanted to make sure each number was individual, that way the option to mix and match between metals, numbers and existing bands could be added or subtracted from this very fine numerical ring equation. Cue my love for jersey font numbers and voila, the beginning of the process was out of the gates.

Of course every collection takes some fine tuning and we went back and forth regarding the perfect size to stack an entire year if you so dared.

All the workmanship was done right here in Toronto, so we worked closely with our wax (see above) and metalsmith to create something dainty, but also totally badass. The process is what makes the piece so special, so much love and attention with each number.

Well folks there you have it, a run down of how these went from an idea to a badass ring. I got the number 27 in 10k gold because my boyfriends and I have the same numerical birthday. Might throw a mini diamond in just to spice it up.


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