At Home w/ Kayan Choi

Who are you listening to right now?

It’s pretty all over the place but currently on my playlist: Robyn, Lykki Li, Ralph, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, The Internet and a bit of Sam Cooke.

How does your space reflect your personal style?

I think it’s about having your core staple items in your space to act as a pillar for the home that you want. Over the years I’m fortunate to have met friends who are carpenters and have been able to make a few custom furniture pieces that I know I will have for the rest of my life. I remember the first time I’ve ever felt like I’m ‘adult-ing’ was when a friend had made me a beautifully crafted wooden coffee table for my new apartment. Obviously I can’t justify spending $ on everything customized but similar to my personal style, it’s all about finding a balance mixing the highs and lows. I just put up some new IKEA shelves in my room and now I have a place to put up some hanging plants that’s high enough so my cat won’t try to knock it off!

Was it hard merging both of your vibes into one home?

No I think it was pretty easy when Andrew and I decided to move in together to our current apartment. I think our individual styles complement each other very well. While I like to have modern and contemporary designed pieces in our apartment, he likes to add his vintage finds from VV, his guitars and his love for persian rugs in the house to add warmth and colour in the room. We’ve got a great bookshelf made with alder wood by a friend – it’s great spot to keep little reminders from the places that we’ve traveled together and also practical to put all his never ending record collection. Plus – we are both plant lovers.

What’s your latest home purchase?

We recently bought a new bed frame and a mattress – it was pricey but definitely worth the investment as we have officially moved into the bedroom for winter hibernation mode, as we don’t have the most efficient heating in our apartment in a century-old Parkdale home.

Where is your dream locale to live?

I think it will still have to be in a metropolitan city – I crave having a plethora of options for take out spots and local coffee shops that are steps away from my home. Someplace like Austin, Texas or Baja California with year round sunshine and amazing cheap tacos & barbecue would be ideal.  Or New York City, just because.

How would you describe your style in one word?

OldCéline-esque, in a slipdress

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