At Home w/ Elise Troister of SecondCousinVintage

How long have you been living in your current space?

Almost 5 years

When did you decide to turn your living room/dining room into Second Cousin Vintage?

It happened sort of gradually over the last year and a half. I kept buying more clothes, people wanted to come see them so I had to make room for racks. Now, it’s just always set up like a store so if someone wants to come shopping, I am ready.

How do you find a work/life balance when you live in your work?

It is not easy to stop working but luckily I love what I do so it doesn’t bother me.

What’s been the biggest adjustment?

Starting your own business is really really hard, especially when you’re doing it alone. Learning to trust my own instincts and trying to only seek approval from myself is a constant struggle.

What’s your best styling tip fashion and space?

I guess my tips are the same for both. Don’t worry about trends, be as weird as you want, wear and buy things that bring you joy and vintage is always better!

You live with your husband, how did the two of you mesh your style?

He doesn’t have much of a style so I got to do pretty much what I wanted. As long as he has a comfortable chair and his mini basketball hoop on the wall he’s happy.

How do you like to make a statement with your space?

I like to buy weird offbeat chachkas, paint everything pink, love me a good lamp… sadly I don’t have much space for furniture anymore now that there is a store in my house. But one day hopefully I’ll have the space to really go nuts.

Best furniture find? Best fashion find?

I found these two 70s really low tub chairs on kijiji for $100 and had them recovered in orange velvet. Love em so much. Also I have a giant cactus lamp I found at VV for $15. It’s a beaut. Soooo many amazing fashion finds it’s hard to choose. Possibly my orange Gaultier ski jacket, found at VV for $20. People are always trying to buy it off my back and I’m like NO get away from me!

How often do you change up your vibe?

I’m usually running around by myself in jeans and whatever sweater. It’s not too glamorous. When I go out, my outfit usually revolves around my shoes. It’s either a Margiela vibe or a pointy toe Ursina Gysi vibe etc etc…I spend too much money on shoes don’t judge me.

What are you listening to now?


One thought on “At Home w/ Elise Troister of SecondCousinVintage

  1. Look at you! you really do know how to use your colors and bright colors always make me feel good and bright like one sunny day. you have amazing sense of style and very unique! never lose it. many blessings


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